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How can make your teeth straighter without braces?

My teeth are kinda like Keyshia Cole's teeth and i dont want braces(mental ones) how esle can i make my teeth straight without mental braces.....

How can make your teeth straighter without braces?
Reply:ask dentist
Reply:Invisalign, they use a sequence of plastic retainers that aren't nearly as obvious as metal braces.

your dentist can determine if they will work for you.
Reply:Only braces.But there is a new kind of braces not the metal ones these new kind of braces are invisible ones i mean they are transparent and they are so good.I had does a year ago and no one noticed it.Hope you find these kind of braces in your place.
Reply:stop sucking your thumb
Reply:Sometimes its possible to have a device that is like braces but removable. Allows you to only put it on at night so it bothers you less (since you sleep) and you can still smile to your friends without shame (not that there is any shame in having braces).

Best is to ask your dentist though.
Reply:You can get clear braces. My orthodontist made me that suggestion, you can't straighten teeth with out braces. BE PREPARED TO SPEND MONEY! They cost a lot! Sorry.

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How straight should your teeth be after braces?

I had braces a few years ago and I always wear my retainer, but my front teeth still stuck out a bit more than the others. It might be partly because they're bigger, which braces can't really help. Also when I bite a few teeth on one side don't feel flush. At the time I assumed it was because they were worn crooked from before I had braces. Also I don't always know where to find my bite because my jaw clicks and moves around which I just found out is not normal. There's not much I could do about it now, though, since I've moved away from where I go tthem done before.

How straight should your teeth be after braces?
i got my braces off a few months ago..and i swear half the time im paranoid that my teeth are crooked or something, but they arent! if they were, you ortho woukld ask you if youre still wearing your retainer properply or doing this or that, if you teeth had moved back to how they were, he/she probabaly might have mentioned getting braces since he hasnt...your probabaly fine

sometimes when i bite down i feel that my teeth dont exactly line up is strange but i dont let it bother me

i know allllllll about that jaw-clicking

its so weird. i had it before i got my braces and like i woukldnt even need to open my mouth veery far and it would just click, it didnt hurt at all, but it just clicked and it was actually quite loud too. anyways, i got ym braces and then i had to wear elastics for a long time becaus eof my overbite and i found that with elastic si could hardly open my for the longest time i just didnt click my jaw anymore...and now its beenm like 2 years or some, and when i open my mouth as wide as i can, they dont click

soooo, this may sound crazy, but you can just avoid the clicking at all costs and itll eventually go away, or talk to your dentist about it, ive told my ortho and dentist before. honestly, i can remmeber what they said but they didnt seem concerned or worried about it

i hope some of this has helped!
Reply:straighter than b 4 u got them on

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Teeth moved after braces?

I had my braces removed and had a permanent wire glued in but I noticed today that several of my teeth on the bottom row moved outward and I think one side of the wire moved slightly upward.

I'm going to the orthodontist soon but I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone before and what the orthodontist did

Teeth moved after braces?
Sounds like you needed a retainer after your braces. They might need to give you one.
Reply:it happened to people I know, and they had to get their braces put back on.
Reply:my braces came of about 2 weeks ago. I now have a plastic retainer that was moulded to my teeth after my braces came off so they dont move- you could ask to get one of these?
Reply:i have a lower wire as well, whenever they took mine off they urged me to wear my retainer on top..but i never did. I'm going in again as well because my top teeth have moved. they might suggest you wear braces again for a little while...depending on the orthodontist....

Make sure that you faithfully use you retainer. My son had his braces removed about 2 years ago and uses the clear plastic retainer every night.

Many years ago I also had braces but did not use my retainers and now my bottom teeth are not straight.

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Teeth whitening with braces?

Can you use anything to whiten your teeth while having braces?

Teeth whitening with braces?
Omg I was wondering the same thing! WHen you go to the orthodontist next, ask him/her, that's what I'm gonna do. Good luck! :-)
Reply:You shouldn't. Braces are cemented to your teeth, so any whitening solution you use will not affect the part of your teeth the braces are attached to. You might end up with braces-sized stains on your teeth.
Reply:Not worth it.

When you take off your braces you'll have yellow spots on your teeth and it'll look funny. Wait it out....
Reply:It doesn't matter coz your teeth would still look ugly with the braces on. Just wait till you get those beautiful straight teeth then bleach it to have an overall perfect smile.
Reply:shouldnt they already be white if you have braces? cause you know you have to brush like 299 million times a day
Reply:just brush. when you take off your braces you'll have yellow boxes in each tooth. That's why I waited until i got my braces taken off.
Reply:no but you can go to a regular dentist and they can clean them.. i got mine done today.. and they are pearly white!!
Reply:yes, theres listerine which takes away bad breath and gets teeth whitening, thats what i use
Reply:i use the dissovlable listerine whitening strips

i cut one in half then put them on my bottow and top

its kinda tricky, but its definitely working
Reply:You could do tooth whitening if you found a tray style product that will go over the braces. The cement keeping the braces on actually keeps that area decay free and stain free. It is the rest of the area that will get stained by drinks, food, smoking and wine. Yes, the best is to brush, floss (if you got that fancy floss for braces) and swish.

You will still likely have some colour difference when they come off but your ortho will get the cement off. The yellow people are saying about is bc their friends probably have un maintained "clear braces"
Reply:I do agree that the best to WHITENED your teeth is after the braces treatment is done. In that case your dentist will advice you to have dental cleaning first to remove all the remaining cements after braces removal and to make sure that your teeth surfaces all cleaned and free from minor stains...and after that process and U still wish to do WHITENING...then go ahead my dearie...always nice to have a white and healthy teeth......
Reply:Commercial tooth whiteners use hydrogen peroxide and are expensive and inconvenient. A cheap and natural tooth whitening home remedy uses few strawberries but certain precautions have to be taken. I found the information at

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How long before your teeth look straight under the braces??

Ok so im getting braces soon (yay no more bad teeth) but I was wondering how long it takes before you appear to have straight teeth? Of course the braces still would have to be on for ages longer but at leaste to Have straight teeth under the braces. How long ussually does that take???? THANK YOU xxx xxx

How long before your teeth look straight under the braces??
Hmmmm... well it really depends on how bad your teeth are. I had buck teeth and they literally started going in about 2 months, but if you have really bad teeth then it will probably be about 4 months until you see real results, but then they will start moving really quickly. BTW, if you feel pissed off about your braces at any time, DO NOT GO ON FEELING ANNOYED! I was always irritated about them but now that I've got them off IT WAS SO WORTH IT!! So yeah, there's my advice! I hope it all goes well xx
Reply:It's so surprising how fast your teeth move. You'll most likely see a huge change within the first couple of months. Even after the first month, I saw a noticeable change.
Reply:at least a year. It isn't a short process at all.
Reply:It all depends on how bad your teeth were to begin with and what treatment plan your orthodontist has for you.
Reply:It has everything to do with the type of problem that's being corrected. If you had "crooked teeth" it doesn't take very long at all... a few months at most. But if you have an "over bite"... that requires about 2 full years of Orthodontic treatment.

Good Luck!
Reply:i am going to have my braces on for like 2 and half years..i am on my 2nd year i could tell by like the first 4months i could see some change.


Who got teeth extracted for braces?

Did anyone here get teeth extracted for there braces?

If so how many and was straight teeth worth having healthy teeth removed?

Who got teeth extracted for braces?
I had 4 baby teeth removed. They just were not going to come out. Then 4 adult teeth were removed. And my 4 wisdom teeth were removed. You'd think I have none left. It was definitly worth it. I get a lot of comments about how nice my teeth look.
Reply:I had 6 teeth extracted before I got braces. I have a really small mouth so... eh.
Reply:not me
Reply:I had 9 teeth removed, 5 adult teeth, 4 baby teeth. 3 were from under my gum so i had to have stitches in my mouth and now i have no canines but thats not recognizable.

But it's all worth having the straight teeth!!
Reply:I had four teeth extracted for braces. Straight teeth were definately worth having healthy teeth removed.
Reply:i had 4 healthy adult teeth pulled out for braces and it was definetly worth it . they were straight and premolars .

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Wisdom teeth removal with braces on?

i am having all four of my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow..two are impacted.. and i have braces on top and bottom teeth..any advice?

Wisdom teeth removal with braces on?
Yes i have the same situation, or at least had. I had to get all myt 4 removed. BUT, the doc told me, that it should removed 1 at a time. with a few days gap, preferably week gap (as i had). removing them is a big thing as they are permanent teeth with deep roots. I couldnt even eat properly, with the removal of one, with my mouth swelling. I had to get stiches with the bottom 2, as they were impacted. So, I dont know why ur doc is saying to get them all out at once. That is a lot of injury to take at one time. Maybe get a second opinion.

ANd also, it is advisable to get either top braces or lower first. Not both at once. As the pain gets alot. So it should be done with time. I got my lower ones after 2 months since the top was put on.

Not trying to scare u, but just warn u that it might not be best to get all removed at one. IT takes time for the injury to heal

wait, did u say u already had ur braces on? Well if u do, then well no problem in that regard. ONly about removing the wisdom all at once.

Dry Socket

information from the Atlanta Dental Group PC

In a patient with a dry socket, blood does not fill up the extraction socket or the blood clot is lost. The gums can not grow over the extraction socket because there's nothing to grow over and the hole remains open. This opening causes a constant dull throbbing pain and the patient can often have a foul smelling breath and bad taste in the mouth. Ear pain is another possible dry socket symptom.

It's called a dry socket because the hole, or socket, that the tooth used to fit into becomes dry. It begins hurting about three days after oral surgery. Unfortunately, the pain lasts about a week after it begins. The dental name is acute alveolar osteitis. Acute means all of a sudden. Alveolar is the name of the bone that supports teeth. -itis means inflamed and osteo- means bone. Osteitis means bone inflammation. Acute alveolar osteitis means sudden inflammation of the bone that supports a tooth.

Dentists don't know exactly what causes a dry socket. It occurs more with lower teeth than upper teeth and more with females than males. The problem occurs more often after difficult extractions. It may be that forceful pushing against the wall of the socket when the tooth is being removed causes the walls of the tooth socket to become crushed. This prevents bleeding into the socket because the blood vessels have been crushed closed. The lack of blood then causes severe pain.

Anything that dislodges the clot can cause a dry socket. Forceful spitting or sucking though a straw can pull a clot completely out of its socket. Patients should wait a day before rinsing with warm salt water to avoid dissolving the new blood clot. When salt water rinsing, spit gently to avoid pressure. Carbonated beverages should be avoided because they may bubble the clot out. Alcoholic drinks can dry out the blood clot and prevent healing. Avoid smoking for a few days after dental extractions because smoking can disturb clot formation. Patients who have recently had oral surgery should avoid anything that may irritate the socket or anything that may cause the clot from being dislodged. Follow our oral surgery post operative instructions carefully to avoid dry socket treatment.


I am an Oral Surgeon and have practiced for 27 years. The removal of all 4 wisdom teeth at once is the routine procedure. If you have an Oral Surgeon do it, there shouldn't be any problem. We are trained for surgery and actually, removal of teeth and wisdom teeth is one of the easier things for us. Just remember to follow all of the post-operative instructions very closely so your recovery will be quick and comfortable.

It is INSANE to remove these teeth one at a time. If you do 1 or 2 or all 4, you will still have the same amout of pain afterwards, which will be easily taken care of with a prescription pain killer. You will still take the same amount of medication whether you do 1 tooth or 4. If you do 1 or 4 teeth, you will still be eating soft foods for a few days, still be keeping ice on for the swelling, etc, etc. So, whether you do 1 or 4 teeth, your post -op experience will essentially be the same. If you do all 4, then you will be done and not have to do this again (medication, soft foods, ice, etc).

If you are paying for this, it is also cheaper doing all 4 at once - only 1 anesthesia vs 2, or 4.

Teeth that are impacted usually require a little more work than those that are erupted. Sometimes we use a dental drill and cut them in half to make it easier to remove them. This is not a problem and will not hurt. The fact that you have braces on will not effect the procedure.

It's good that your'e having these widsom teeth removed, because if left there, they can push forward and cause anterior tooth crowding and ruin your nice orthodontic treatment.

Find a good, compassionate Oral Surgeon who has a gentle touch and you won't have any problems! Good luck.
Reply:Buck is straight, you see, so full marks to him. For the clean and straight job, seek recommendations from friends for an oral surgeon.