Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wisdom teeth removal for braces?

My orthodontist told me that I have got to get 4 pre molars removed for braces, in order to make enough room for the rest of my teeth to get into line.

Can I not wait for my wisdom teeth to come out and instead get them pulled instead of my pre molars?

wisdom teeth are useless I hear, so I do not understand why I cannot wait for then to erupt and then have them removed instead of my pre molars.

Wisdom teeth removal for braces?
There must already be crowding for him to want to remove 4 pre molars. The added wisdom teeth would cause severe crowding, which would not be a good thing, and would not be comfortable at all. When the wisdom teeth begin coming in your orthodontist will work with the dentist that will be pulling them.
Reply:You need to ask your orthodontist this question, or get a second opinion from another orthodontist.

He probably meant that, in addition to one day removing your wisdom teeth, you need to also have 4 pre molars removed for your braces.

The earlier you can get your braces, the better. If you wait until your wisdom teeth come in, you'll be 15 or 16 and that's not an optimum time to have your braces.

Ask him if it's worth waiting for your wisdom teeth.

Good luck

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