Sunday, August 2, 2009

How long before your teeth look straight under the braces??

Ok so im getting braces soon (yay no more bad teeth) but I was wondering how long it takes before you appear to have straight teeth? Of course the braces still would have to be on for ages longer but at leaste to Have straight teeth under the braces. How long ussually does that take???? THANK YOU xxx xxx

How long before your teeth look straight under the braces??
Hmmmm... well it really depends on how bad your teeth are. I had buck teeth and they literally started going in about 2 months, but if you have really bad teeth then it will probably be about 4 months until you see real results, but then they will start moving really quickly. BTW, if you feel pissed off about your braces at any time, DO NOT GO ON FEELING ANNOYED! I was always irritated about them but now that I've got them off IT WAS SO WORTH IT!! So yeah, there's my advice! I hope it all goes well xx
Reply:It's so surprising how fast your teeth move. You'll most likely see a huge change within the first couple of months. Even after the first month, I saw a noticeable change.
Reply:at least a year. It isn't a short process at all.
Reply:It all depends on how bad your teeth were to begin with and what treatment plan your orthodontist has for you.
Reply:It has everything to do with the type of problem that's being corrected. If you had "crooked teeth" it doesn't take very long at all... a few months at most. But if you have an "over bite"... that requires about 2 full years of Orthodontic treatment.

Good Luck!
Reply:i am going to have my braces on for like 2 and half years..i am on my 2nd year i could tell by like the first 4months i could see some change.


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