Sunday, August 2, 2009

Getting 4 teeth pulled out,braces,and a spacer to widen my mouth.....will it hurt???? getting a spacer to widen my mouth........will that hurt?

im also getting braces....will those hurt?And what is there to expect?

Im also getting 4 teeth pulled out,on the same day.Will that hurt?Whats the procedure???


Getting 4 teeth pulled out,braces,and a spacer to widen my mouth.....will it hurt????
I had 4teeth out for my brace, i got put alseep so i dont remember having it done but what i can remember it wasnt to sore after wards, bit achy tho!

Getting braces dont hurt they can be a bit sensitive when they first go on when there tightened %26amp; they can ache a bit after wards but its not anythink bad!

As for the spacer i havent got a clue!

Hope all goes well tho
Reply:OMG your like already dead. Your braces will hrt soooo much i got them also and spacers the rubber band kind and the one that goes on the roof of your mouth. They suck omg i feel bad for you. it will take about 2 or 3 weeks so the pain will go away.
Reply:I'm assuming you're getting your wisdom teeth pulled, and braces put on. From what i've heard, braces can hurt to have them put on, but some pepole it doesn't hurt.

As for having a tooth pulled, it's the few days after ward that hurt.... just the healing process.

Don't worry too much, in a week or two, it will all be over with.

(I'm getting two of my wisdom's pulled tomorrow.... aaaahhhhhhrrrrhhhhhh!!!!)
Reply:it is very painful, not gonna lie, but well worth it in the end!
Reply:braces hurt a bit for about 1-3 weeks (I don' have them, I'm getting them, this is what my friends say)

as for the teeth pulled- I've gotten a crown, which is supposedly more painful, and I didn't feel a thing. Admittedly it was pretty sore afterwards, but it went away pretty quick.

Spacer? Never heard of it, lol...

Over all, I think you'll be fine, don't worry, if you are, bring a cd-player, or an ipod. I listened to twilight by stephenie meyer when I got my crown on, it kept my mind off the process. Twilight is really intriguing the first time around.
Reply:Getting a spacer to widen your mouth will probably hurt. Getting braces will also hurt too. Expect more pain to correct your teeth alingments. Pain will have to come into effect and eat a lot of soft things.
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