Sunday, August 2, 2009

Teeth shifted after braces, retainer is painful, but will it correct shifting?

I got my braces off and wore my clear plastic retainer every night as instructed for the first 4 months. However, it hurt each night and would keep me up/wake me up in the night. So I haven't worn it for about 6 months now. My teeth have shifted and I have the starting of a noticable gap. The retainer still fits, more or less, but is very painful. Reminds me much of the horrid "power chains," but perhaps worse.

My question is, will pushing through the pain and wearing the retainer 24/7 for a while (couple/few months?) cause the teeth to shift back into their post-braces places like an Invisalign tray would do?

Teeth shifted after braces, retainer is painful, but will it correct shifting?
for not having worn them for several months, you need to go back to the orthodontist to have your retainer refitted to be positive it will adjust the shifting and your retainer should never be painful if you had your braces on for the appropriate amount of time, the retainer isn't meant to position your teeth further after braces but to keep them in position. there should only be mild discomfort if any and I am an advocate of wearing your retainer as long as possible because as you have found out, your teeth will shift.

But above all, after 6 months without it, GO TO the orthodontist to have it refitted! do not try to force them back with the same old retainer
Reply:This happened to me too! Personally, I don't like my clear retainers. The top ones are fine, but the bottom ones make my gums bleed and swell. But, I put them one one night and by the next day, they looked way better. You should try it!
Reply:it should move your teeth back. but 6 months is a LONGG time to not be wearing a retainer. i'd wear them non stop for a long time unless you want to be back in braces!
Reply:Anytime you go a long time (say about a month) without wearing your retainer, you should consult your orthodontist. Please do not try and "fit" the retainer into your mouth. You say that you have noticed a gap, then definitely go back to your orthodontist because they can make adjustments to your retainer (if you have a hawley) or either give you other instructions if you are wearing the clear one that fits like a mouthguard.


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