Sunday, August 2, 2009

Teeth loosened from braces?

I got my braces tightened a couple weeks ago. On my bottom row of teeth, I still have 2 loose teeth. Should I call my orthodontist?

Teeth loosened from braces?
You mentioned that they are "still loose"? were they loosened from tightening or prior to that?

Are they primary teeth? although I wouldn't think so if your wearing the braces now.

And do you keep wiggling them to see if they have settled down yet?

Contact your orthodontist and they will happily give you some advise....that's what they get the big bucks for!
Reply:when in doubt, always call the professional, that's what you are paying them for!
Reply:Not a professional dentist or anything. But I remember when I had braces years ago, and after they were tightened that they were a little loose.

But it would be better to see your ortho. He will give you a better response :)

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