Sunday, August 2, 2009

Teeth removal before braces?

Can anyone tell me who currently has or had braces tell me how many teeth needed to be removed before you got braces?

Teeth removal before braces?
they romove some baby teeth so then your adult teeth grow in right
Reply:four teeth is pretty normal one in each quadrant of ur mouth,but i f you have crowding more may be needed
Reply:i had to get 6 pulled, could hardly eat anything solid for a week and the taste of blood was in my mouth for 2 days striaght

then i got braces 3 or 4 weeks later and they'er still not all the way in and i'm 15 and had braces for 4 months
Reply:It's not been recent for me, but if I remember it was four.
Reply:i had braces 10 years ago. 4 teeth were pulled out and hell it was a pain.
Reply:i have had braces!! it all depends on how crowded it is in ur mouth. they only had 2 take out 2 of mine! but dont worry ab it i didnt feel a thing and i loved my braces 2. lol i know kinda crazy.
Reply:It depends on what is going on in your mouth. It depends on each person, so they have to explain to you why they had a tooth extraction. Sometimes if there is crowding, teeth need to be extracted and then the teeth will be brought together with the braces.
Reply:it all depends...they usually pull baby teeth that arent coming out OR adult teeth if your mouth is too small for all the teeth. i had 6 baby teeth pulled...but most of my friends had 2-4 pulled before braces.


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