Monday, April 20, 2009

Can they fix a gap in my front teeth without braces?

i had braces for almost four years. they have been off for almost five years now. however, i have started to get a gap in my front teeth. my retainer broke a couple years ago. it isnt big, but still bothers me. i do not want braces back on!

Can they fix a gap in my front teeth without braces?
Easiest way is for them to make you a new retainer to help close that gap slightly/prevent it from getting better. They can place veneers over the front two teeth, they place these by grinding the enamel down slightly and then cementing these porcelain facings on the front they just make them a little wider to fill the gap. The bad thing is this would be permanent and you would never be able to go without veneers or crowns on these teeth. They could also bond some filling material into the gap which would still involve possibly some permanent grinding, ust less. Your best bet is a new retainer to wear at night to close the gap.
Reply:Yeah, you can stick some chicklets gum in bewteen them..
Reply:how about porcelain veneers? i have them to cover up a fillings on my front teeth. they aren%26#039;t cheap but they look nice and they are a quick way to fix problems.
Reply:they could put veneers on, which is kind of like a crown. The downside is that you lose some of your natural tooth, which is not good, and your teeth will probably continue to shift over time. I believe, if the movement is minimal, they could fit you with a new retainer that may correct the movement, but I cannot say for sure without actually seeing your teeth. call your dentist and ask......good luck.
Reply:If you don%26#039;t want to go the braces route again or if you don%26#039;t want to do veneers or crowns to close the gap I have seen orthodontists put a small bar/wire behind the 2 front teeth. I don%26#039;t know if they can close it for you by using a retainer first or if it would require braces to close. You would need a consultant to answer that. Something you may not realize you are doing is clenching or grinding your teeth. Most do it during sleeptime, but some do this even while awake. You can use a sleep appliance that will keep you from Bruxing (clench/grind). There are some that would fit your whole arch (that would act like a retainer too) or there is a new one called the NTI that fits just onto the 2 top teeth either top or bottom. It is small and easy to wear and it keeps your back teeth apart so you can%26#039;t clench. Not sure if this helped you decide, but just wanted to let you know.....grinding/clenching will move your teeth around over the years. Good luck.

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