Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wisdom teeth and braces.?

I%26#039;m 21 and I still have my wisdom teeth. I plan on getting braces soon. Will they make me get them pulled first or can I just go ahead and get braces? My wisdom teeth don%26#039;t bother me at all.

Wisdom teeth and braces.?
No they shouldn%26#039;t because i have my braces and wisdom teeth. It depends on the Orthodontist
Reply:hi. don%26#039;t worry if the Dr wants to remove them it should be during using braces. not before or after. wait till Dr says so. good luck
Reply:Depending on whether or not your wisdom teeth are coming in straight, the need to get them pulled may be needed. My sister had braces in when she got her teeth pulled. It always depends on the person.

Good luck and get ice cream!
Reply:You can get the braces because your teeth are not bothered by the wisdom teeth.
Reply:I got braces about a month ago, and they told me that the X-rays showed that my wisdom teeth are coming in and will eventually have to come out after my orthodontist treatment because they will only be a bother but i was fine until then.

It%26#039;ll probably be fine for the time being, but like i was told, they%26#039;ll more then likely have to come out afterward.

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