Monday, April 20, 2009

How do u floss your teeth with braces on?

i mean, the wires are all on and the floss cant pass through those wires like how one can withput braces on. then how do you clean the spaces between each teeth?

How do u floss your teeth with braces on?
Use a floss threader. It%26#039;s a flexible plastic loop. Looks like a tiny noose, lol. You put your floss in the loop, stick the straight side through your wire and pull through. It%26#039;ll pull the floss through for easier flossing. They sell it at any drugstore or your Ortho may have them. In the beginning, it might take a little longer but after a while, it gets easy. A Waterpik is another option. But my Ortho said it shouldnt%26#039; replace manual flossing. I use to use it after meals but floss once per day. Good luck!
Reply:use disposable teeth flossers
Reply:You stick the floss under the bracket, and pull is through the space between your teeth to floss.
Reply:It takes a little bit of time, but flossing is an absolute must - especially when you have braces. This is because you have a higher risk for your gums becoming inflammed (food trap, teeth shifting, etc.) and also a higher risk for cavities (difficulty cleaning around braces).

Go to your nearest CVS or Walgreens and purchase for %26quot;floss threaders.%26quot; Or you can order the %26quot;FlossFish Flossing Tool%26quot; on their website:

There is an instructional video as well!
Reply:Ask for those special brushes with spikes on the end

they work
Reply:Try using a Waterpik Flosser the little plastic tip goes between the teeth under the brackets and wires - cost about $10. The Oral B Hummingbird with the Stimudent type tip would also work but is somewhat thicker than the Flosser tips.
Reply:there are these little things you can buy them in the dental aisle in your local grocery store or whatever and there is a whole you stick the floss through there then in between the wires pull till you get the floss push down and repeat.
Reply:You can do it. But you have to go out and buy special floss that has a stiff end. Precut strips of floss that have 1 end a little stiff and you are then able to pull it through around the braces. I suggest Glide brand threaded floss.

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  1. For teeth without braces, I have found a Gripit Floss Holders is easiest to use. It comes with its own floss supply that can be advanced in seconds and refilled from local drug and grocery stores. You can see Gripits in action at