Monday, April 20, 2009

I keep getting food stuck in between my teeth with braces and its hard to get out...?

I have braces(i got them exactly a month ago)and the gap between my two front teeth is closing, but something I%26#039;m not satisifed with, is whenever I eat something at school or anywhere, food is so hard to get out. And I leave that cleaner pick thing at home, and I have to go through 2 1/2 of having food stuck in between my teeth. How can I prevent this from happening? Its bothering me a lot.

I keep getting food stuck in between my teeth with braces and its hard to get out...?
This is an easy one! Stop eating!
Reply:dont eat lunch,
Reply:Touch with the Dentist .
Reply:Lol that use 2 happen 2 me when I had them..I brough that brush cleaner with me to school, and they also gave me this blue floss-like thingy..that helped alot. Or just go 2 the bathroom and rinse your mouth out.
Reply:I got my braces on and face the same problem. My gaps are closing too. I just suck the food out of the brace or use my tongue to manuver it. It might not be a bad thiing to also bring the pick. Right now I have a pop corn bit stuck.
Reply:Keep toothpicks or a second cleaner pick thing in your locker.
Reply:it%26#039;s stuck in the front?

do you smother your teeth with your food before you eat?

equip yourself with a fork and knife everywhere you go and chew with your back teeth.

it%26#039;s a life saver
Reply:get a re-chargeable toothbrush and carry it in your bag
Reply:avoid eating foods that will penetrate in your braces. Go for liquids and solid yet compact foods.
Reply:There are little brushes available at your drug store, that a lot of folks use as flosses. I use them as a floss, and one of my friends, who has dental implants, uses them to clean between the implants. They aren%26#039;t expensive, are very small, and very efficient. You can even use tooth paste with them. Go get some.
Reply:Yeah, this is the worst!! Unfortunately, there%26#039;s not alot you can do about;s part of having braces. But Sephora makes a great travel toothbrush kit with the cleaner pics in it. Even when I was done with those pics...I just stuck in refills from home. You end up having to brush more with braces to remove %26#039;stuck%26#039; food (yuck).
Reply:not eating lunch was a bad sugestion. Look through your lunch. Items such as clemintines might not be the best choice. Sadly, there really isn%26#039;t much you can do about this. Try to keep a pick or something at hand and eat foods that aren%26#039;t %26quot;stringy%26quot;. Such as a sandwhich, prezels, and an apple or banana. as your gap closes it will get better. I also had brases for 2.5 years. and after the first half year I didn%26#039;t have so much of a problem. So just keep doing your best and they will come off sooner. you%26#039;ll be so happy with your perfect teeth!
Reply:Well I lost the pick thing and got another at walgreens for 2.49 and there was 4 in there so i bring one to school but lost the others. Also bring floss!
Reply:eat different food or wash your mouth out in the bathroom

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