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How can i fix my teeth without braces?Pic included?

Hey guys,

i really need your help.Im going to be a senior next year and my teeth are the only reason why i cant model right now.

I seriously dont want braces,and i was thinking about removing the cuspid and getting a dental implant.I DONT care about pain,i just want a beautiful smile FAST!

any and all help would be greatly apperciated!




How can i fix my teeth without braces?Pic included?
Who is telling you that the only reason that you can%26#039;t model is because of your teeth? Make sure it%26#039;s not some fly by night talent scout.

My point is don%26#039;t fix your smile to model, fix it for yourself!

If you get the cuspid removed, it%26#039;s not going to be like a wisdom tooth. Not that difficult. Talk to a good oral surgeon. Seems like it would be easier to yank it out and put an implant in.

Good luck!!!
Reply:if you want it FAST!

spend thousands on private dental treatment.
Reply:You should ask a dentist... It looks like you do need braces but I know they are expensive.
Reply:I know you%26#039;re not going to like my answer. I know it%26#039;s a hard descision and I know that it%26#039;ll be rough, but I think it would be benificial to you in MANY different ways if you got braces. I was in braces for 2 years and 3 months (longer than most typical orthodontic treatments), and I, like you, didn%26#039;t think my case was %26quot;that bad%26quot;. I had a small gap inbetween my two front teeth which I believed could simply be fixed with some bonding. What I learned from sitting in that orthodontist%26#039;s chair for so long is that there are a lot of different attributes to orthodontic treatment. Besides the cuspid, your have a deep bite, and your midline is off. Your teeth aren%26#039;t properly aligned either although they are spaced correctly. If I were you, I%26#039;d get the braces, maybe Invisalign (most insurance plans cover Invisalign!). I know it%26#039;s hard to look past the next year or two you%26#039;d be in braces, but in the long run, it%26#039;s worth it, and it%26#039;s not the half-assed alternative of getting an implant. I think you should be proud of your smile. At the end of the day, it%26#039;s up to you, but I really feel that you%26#039;d benefit from braces. Your dreams to model will get you through the next few years that you%26#039;d be in braces, and you%26#039;ll be as beautiful as ever when they come off (if you get them). Good luck with whatever you choose!
Reply:I worked as dental asst. 25 yrs aslo we did braces.cusids take the longest to move cause they have the longest roots. In my opinion your are not in too bad of shape but cant see the whole pic. the cuspid need to come down obvistly and without the room it%26#039;s going to take a long time from where it sits. No dentist will remove that tooth and put implant for it is the most important tooth in the mouth .It is your guidence tooth.They would however remove the one behind it for space but would be too much.without removing the otherside would not look right and poss would need to remove the bottom ones or the possibly will not mesh together properly.It%26#039;s kinda complicated and will take tomany pages to explain so you would understand the bites function.Unfortunitly braces are a must.Possibly cuspid to cuspid with placing crowns and veneers would be your only other option without braces.VERY expensive compaired to braces and not a good choice for you. Your teeth are very pretty and you would be unnessarly removing good tooth structure that you will regret later as an adult they would need to be replaced due to color and receding gums and eating habits will be a must to change for the things you bite into. Crowns and veneers are strong but not like healthy teeth.They have tooth colored colored braces and wires that make them near invisible just for the paticular reason you do not want.Because just from what i can see which I can%26#039;t see really.But your bite does not look bad just the cuspid needs to come down and back..Proubly where them 12-18 mos.whick goes fast really.To not extract they would make space inbetweenyour upper teethbicuspid to bicuspid a little each time for not to mack too much space.Do not freakout and do unrational procedures to your teeth .You need to keep what nature gave you!! If your pinky fingure had a little bend and did not look perfect,would you go to the doctor have him cut your arm off and give you fake one just so your fingers would match??? Because once you remove it it doesnt grow back so you dont get a new one you will be screwed when down the road you wished you you would of had the simple surgeryto straighten out your fingure and where the cast for 6 mos to a year.You need your teeth they are more important then any body part.Body parts do not keep you healthy. Your teeth are an important part of you health you need them to chew your food properly for your body to digest.and they make you feel good about yourself big part of your health. You have the rest of your life to beautify yourself and they have been there this long use the next year and a half straighten as you go !! Hope I helped !! Good luck !
Reply:Suck it up and get the braces.

If you just have to pull down the canine into position and line up the other teeth to make them perfect you may be a lot quicker than you think doing braces.

By extracting the canine, you are going to lose bone around that tooth and that %26#039;s not healthy for your upper jaw and appearance. Besides an implant will take about 6 months to heal before you can get it restored and then the appearance may not be what you anticipated.

Do it right and then go on to have a great modeling career!

And please stop writing on your a**.

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