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How should i fix my teeth for my discolored teeth and stained teeth form braces?

i went to my dent not long ago and the assiant he has said i had no plaque and no cavities any where in my mouth i need some sealents but theve been their for a while but they are still fine she said and i had braces and i didnt take the best care for them when i had them and that is why i need sealent and have yellowish teeth deep stains and so anyway i asked her if teeth bleaching was for me she said it would dramitacally whiten my teeth sicence i has deep stains and that it was right for me and i have a couple of teeth i had filled that are discolored when he done them so i asked her if i needed veeners she said no 20 years down the road but not now and the he comes and looks at me and he suddenly says i need 16 veeners and i have 2 cavites when she said right befor he walked in i had none he say i need them cause i have thinning enamal from braces but he didnt say this 6 mths ago or shy didnt say anything a sec ago who should i belive i think i need a 2nd oponion help

How should i fix my teeth for my discolored teeth and stained teeth form braces?
I%26#039;ve never heard of braces discoloring teeth, it is usually caused by what you eat or drink. Sometimes that is just your teeth, as you get older they get discolored naturally too.

However, an easy and inexpensive way to whiten teeth is to buy a box of baking soda (little yellow box) and put a small amount in a little dish. Take your wetted toothbrush and dip it in the baking soda, then brush the teeth. Repeat this daily and in a short time you will see a difference.

Every once in a while repeat this process when you notice them changing color again.

This method will save you a small fortune in whitners and a large fortune in vaneers. I%26#039;d also find another dentist.
Reply:Get over-the-counter brush-on whiteners. They work if you use them every morning and night. If you brush every day, and whiten every day, in about two months your teeth will be of one color again.

A lot of this is your fault. You should have brushed every day, and took care of your braces. Your parents payed good money for you to have attractive teeth, but you didn%26#039;t take care of them. Now you have half yellow, and half white. Hopefully now you will take care of them, because you have no choice.
Reply:bleach them!
Reply:Try my wife and I have had great results with this product.
Reply:Results from tooth paste are totally insignificant the best way to whiten your teeth is by using Carbamide Peroxide, this is what dentists actually use and charge £300 per treatment.

We sell this for home use for around £20 and we also sell Laser kits. If you would like to know more please e mail me. or visit

Laser kits produce immediate results and they are inexpensive.
Reply:Get a second opinion because bleaching should be sufficient if your teeth colour was fine before.

Also was your teeth around the brackets yellow before the deband.

Good Luck


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