Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whitening teeth....with braces...?

I want to whiten my teeth with crest whitening strips....I they do reach my teeth and i will just have them whitened again when I get them off...the strips wont affect my braces will they? seems like it should work

Whitening teeth....with braces...?
NO NO NO !!!! DO NOT use any whitening toothpaste or anything that will whiten your teeth when you have you braces on that is a HUGE NO NO. you cant whiten you teeth with braces on because it will only whiten around the bracket, so when you get you braces off you will have Permanent White spots that will never go away, the best thing you can do is just brush you teeth after every meal and every time you think about it ,i hope you take my advice sweet heart and good luck!! oh yeah you should beable to ask you ortho. all of this
Reply:You have to wait when your braces come out before whitening your teeth. You cannon whiten them while you have braces on.
Reply:u should just wait to take them off, ive tried the same thing %26amp; n it looked weird
Reply:I agree with the others...wait...but for now you should try the listerine Whitening mouth wash in the mean time i started using it and it has made some decen results Very gradual but also use whitening paste with it...


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