Friday, July 31, 2009

At what time is it appropriate to fit braces to correct teeth?

My daughter is 10. She still has some unchanged teeth. She needs correction by braces for alignment of some teeth

Shall we install now or wait until she is older?

Dentist said we can correct teeth now and later may be we have to do more or problems solved

otherwise he said if we leave it it will be more expensive and takes longer.

please help

At what time is it appropriate to fit braces to correct teeth?
I would wait till she is 12 by then her teeth

will be ready for them.If you start to early

the longer she will need them.Adults now days wear braces to straight them.
Reply:I would wait until shes 12 or 13
Reply:i think you should make her get them now because most teenagers don't like braces so they rather get them off sooner.
Reply:About that age sounds right
Reply:It is best to take care of her teeth right now. Because not only does she want to get done with braces at a younger age, but it is also because her teeth are moving right now.. As she gets older it will take longer for her braces to take effect. If you get her braces right now, the teeth are moving naturally so by the time she is done with it, she will have natural straight teeth.

Good luck.

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