Saturday, July 25, 2009

I am 5'10 130 pounds brown hair brown eyes LONG legs nice teeth (had braces) not pimples and i pretty? help me

i am 5'10 130 pounds brown hair brown eyes LONG legs nice teeth (had braces) not pimples and i pretty? help me

I am 5'10 130 pounds brown hair brown eyes LONG legs nice teeth (had braces) not pimples and i pretty? help me
It depends on your features.

You could have a huge, crooked nose.

Or droopey bugeyes.

Or super-thin lips.

Or yellow teeth.

I've seen pretty people that fit your description, but then I've seen ugly people that fit your description too.

Cut the crap and get over your insecurities. Us yahoo-people who have no idea who you are aren't going to be able to help you.
Reply:You sound pretty , whats wrong?
Reply:you should stop begging for attention. thats obviously why you said LONG legs ... who cares what other people think. as long as you are happy with yourself.


Reply:Ummm help you with what?
Reply:umm... I do know that people who are 5'2 are healthy if they are between 120-125 lbs... if youre 130 and 5'10 I think you may want to gain a little more weight. It all depends on what you doctor says. Healthy looking girls are more attractive than super skinny girls. I'm sure youre a beautiful chica though :o)
Reply:You mean you can't get a guy?

If its not that, I dont know how to help you...
Reply:a pretty person wouldnt ask that question, if you are pretty and just want compliments.. you dont deserve them. put a picture if u want actual opinions
Reply:send me a picture and I'll tell you what I think.
Reply:It sounds like a normal weight for your height, if you are not shure you can go to any doctor and they will have a chart of weight and height so you can find out what the average weight is, you are a little taller than me and a little bit heavier than me and my doctor says I am at a normal weight for my height and a little skinny so it sounds like you are in just the right place, I dont think long legs affect how you look, I think you are just being picky, but I do the same thing sometimes^.^ It sounds to me like you are pretty I even have the same hair and eye color as you. so dont be so hard on yourself.
Reply:u sound like a mexican but who cares you just want attention anyways how about, dark hair nive green eyes SUPER long legs and good fit HAHA beat that ******
Reply:Are your eyes to far apart? Do you have a bad hair cut, are you lanky? Are you insecure, do you walk with your head down? Are you mean spirited? If not, then, you might be pretty, but the real test is to go look in the mirror and ask yourself that question.
Reply:gotta see ur pic first
Reply:First, I want to say you are probably too skinny. Boney, even, with those long legs. But who cares what I think.

It looks like you have low self esteem if you need to ask for approval from complete strangers, or that you have a misconstrued perception of what is important in this world.

Guys aren't so much attracted to beauty as they are to somoeone who is confident. They don't like INSECURE girls because they are the ones that nag in a relationship:

1. Who were you with?

2. You think she's pretty?

3. Nag, nag, nag........

Ever wonder why the ugly girls get the guy?


Beauty doesn't last if you have an ugly attitude either. It makes you ugly.

I think I'm gorgeous, darling, but it's only my confidence.

Everyone may think I'm ugly but guess what, I don't care what they think. I don't live my life worrying about opinions.
Reply:you're way too skinny and too tall, but unfortunately you can't do anything about that.
Reply:i frankly did NOT get the question

are you pretty? i guess you are:D
Reply:Yes you are but it would be better if you showed us the picture
Reply:If you have long legs, I'm your man!

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