Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do braces make your teeth "weaker"?

Well I'll be 18 within a month and I've been trying to get my parents to get me braces. I refused the offer when I was a lot younger but I want a second chance. My mom agreed, but my dad just comes out with excuses such as it "weakens" your teeth; he probably just doesn't want to pay the bill. I've done some research but I haven't really found cons besides the pain and inconvenience.

Oh, and I would like to add that my family is well off, so money isn't a's just my assumption that he doesn't want to pay and coming up with excuses. Anyone got some answers to win me a set of straight teeth?

Do braces make your teeth "weaker"?
No they don't make teeth weaker.
Reply:Pretty sure they don't make your teeth weaker. And, if you have straight teeth, you'll be able to floss, brush and fluoridate better, which will STRENGTHEN your teeth. You deserve a second chance. Maybe your mom should be the "messenger." Good luck! :-D
Reply:never heard of it . but with braces u must be very religious on oral hygiene because it will be difficult at 1st to keep Ur teeth clean and if u do not keep them clean after Ur treatment is done U'll have straight teeth but mess up gum bleed, puffy, red, inflamed, reseeded gum which does not look good.

u have 2 option:

1. be extremely religious on oral hygiene every 3-4 month professional cleaning

2.get invisalign clear removable when eating and brush, floss BUT MUST WEAR IT 23 1/2 HRS ADAY NO NO NO NONO EXCEPTION

Reply:they don't make your teeth weaker but they do make your teeth harder to clean therefore people tend to have more cavities and such with braces

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