Friday, July 31, 2009

If you don't get braces, will your teeth get worse?

I am unsure of whether I should get braces or not. I'm fine with how my teeth looks right now, but if it gets more crooked, then I might reconsider.

If you don't get braces, will your teeth get worse?
no,they'll stay the same
Reply:no they will stay like there yeah braces hurt sometimes but in 2 years when u get them off and your tetth r straight it feels so good
Reply:No they won't, well they might if new teeth grow in ( if you still have baby teeth)
Reply:Yes, they will.

Im 18yrs old. %26amp;%26amp; I just recently went to the orthodontist, and he told me that when adults have crooked teeth, not only will they become more crooked over time, but eventually you'll have to get dentures bc youre teeth are so crowded its easier for bacteria to grow, and cause tooth decay. i didnt wanna get braces till he told me that.
Reply:depends on the situation as to why you need braces. if there are any missing teeth and they want to bring them closer together then yes, they will cause problems, but just for might only get worse if your wisdom teeth try and come in (if they havent already) it could push the teeth. the problem with crooked teeth is that its harder to clean and cna result in more plaque build-up that can lead to problems.

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