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How many teeth usually gets pulled for braces?

If you had braces, how many teeth did you have to get pulled?

How many teeth usually gets pulled for braces?
I had braces twice (didn't wear my retainer after the first time and so my teeth got jacked up again), and didn't have to have any teeth pulled.
Reply:I had braces many years ago and actually no teeth got pulled.

I think it depends on the person and how your teeth are positioned if teeth actually have to be pulled. I would think if there was enough room between them that you wouldn't need any pulled but if they overlap that could be an issue.
Reply:depends on if they even have to remove any, not all people who wear braces is due to impaction causing over crowding.
Reply:Most people do not need any teeth pulled to have braces.
Reply:I only have to have my wisdom teeth pulled. Unless you have extra teeth in your mouth, that are unneccessary, they'll pull them out.
Reply:i didn't have any teeth pulled
Reply:I had 4 pulled (2 at the top and 2 at the bottom) because I had too many teeth.
Reply:I had two permanent and four baby teeth pulled before getting braces. Everybody says I have a big mouth but my orthodontist said I have a small mouth.

You know who I listened too!
Reply:I didn't have any pulled.

I think they aften pull 4, 6, or 8 teeth.
Reply:I had braces at age 18 and had 4 teeth out. Unfortunately I could not put my retainer back in at age 29, and my bottom one broke, so now they are as bad as they started-and they were bad, oh well. (I wore it every single night for 10 years then one night it would just not go in).
Reply:It really varies from person to person, but also different orthodontists will tell you different things. When I went for my first ortho consult, I was told I will need to have 2 teeth pulled out (overcrowding on top). I didn't like that idea too much, so I went to a different orthodontist and he said nothing about removing teeth. I went with him and now I am a week away from getting my braces off. All my teeth stayed in (I still have all my wisdom teeth too!) and somehow there is room for all of them (no more overcrowding). It's always good to get a second opinion.
Reply:Traditionally, when crowding dictated tooth extractions to make room, the four first permanent premolars were pulled. With early intervention, often extractions can be avoided altogether.
Reply:Most often, but not always, braces are needed because of crowding of the upper an lower teeth. In this case, the 4 first bicuspids, 2 upper and 2 lower, are commonly removed. Toward the end of treatment it is often recommended to have the wisdom teeth removed. Ever case is different so treatment varies.
Reply:I had 4 premolars and 4 wisdom teeth removed. This is very common for people with small mouths and lots of crowding. Wisdom teeth are usually always recommended for removal at the proper age b/c of the risk of them causing crowding to reoccur.
Reply:Most answers already given here are correct. What determines the amount of teeth to be extracted for braces to successfully correct the problem at hand, is determined by taking Xrays and diagnostic impressions so that measurements can be taken and placed into equations that already exist. Kinda like 2x + 4y = 10. The numbers attained by measuing anatomical points on your xrays and casts determine if and/or how many teeth need to be pulled to achieve the desired result.
Reply:before putting on my braces, they had to pull out four of my teeth... two of them every week... all the premolars in my mouth were removed and then I had braces on a week after the last teeth were pulled

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