Friday, July 31, 2009

How do people that wear braces brush their teeth?

%26amp; no jokes about leg/back braces I mean teeth.

How do people that wear braces brush their teeth?
with a toothbrush.

its the exact same but you just half to brush a little harder so you get all the crap from around your brackets off.
Reply:i have braces and you would brush them the same way as you do without them.
Reply:the just do, its not as big of a problem as people think. It just takes getting used to. You have to brush a bit lighter I think, and you get an special kind of brush to clean underneath the wire.
Reply:I used to have braces and you get your toothbrush, tilt it so the bristle bit is facing downwards, then brush the top of the brace. Then tilt it so the bristles are facing upwards then brush the bottom of the brace. You can usually purchase special toothbrushes to clean in between the little metal things and behind the wires. Hope this helps xo
Reply:With a toothbrush
Reply:i have braces and u brush them the same way u wld without braces. but indtead of brushin over ur teeth u hav 2 also \\brush un der the braces and ur gums to prevnt them from getting swollen
Reply:well i move in small circles over each tooth for about 10 seconds(mostly near the gums) then i brush the inside back and forth...i also brush my tongue and the roof of my mouth, my dentist gave me booklets that explains everything...i also floss between each takes a while but ill appreciate it in the long run! =)

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