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My teeth hurt really bad because of my braces. Any help?

I just got my braces and my teeth hurt ALOT when I put pressure on them, so I can't bite things and I have to be really carfeul when I swallow because my tongue pushes against my teeth. So I can't eat anything, and I've tried advil and tylenol and they didn't work. My cousin got his graces the same day as me but his doesn't hurt. Help me! it hurts alot and i'm starving, i can only eat mashed potoates and soup.

My teeth hurt really bad because of my braces. Any help?
I feel your pain. that is the thing I remeber from when I had my braces put on way too many years ago, but I still remember the pain.

When they put them on they also tighten the wires running across the bottom and top. This is what causes the pain. Your cousin may not have had his tightened as much.

If you are over 12 you can 1 to 2 ibuphrofen tablets. They contain an anti-inflamatory so doesn't just focus on 'fixing' pain.

That's about the only thing you can really do.

It will ease off after a little while.

Don't eat anything that require chewing. This is hard I know. Having mashed potato as you are doing, scrambled eggs, yoghurt, jelly, WARM soup, custard are all good. Or you can get your mum to vitamise up your meal for you so you can have what they are eating. This is a lot more filling for you.

When you swallow try and focus on placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth to stop you pushing on your teeth.

I am sorry this is hurting you. It really does get so much better to the point where you don't feel them anymore and forget you have them on.

This is something the Orthodontist should tell all patients about when putting them on.
Reply:Cayenne can act as a local anesthetic for painful teeth and gums ... use only in very small quantities (a small pinch). Avoid using it if your gums seem inflamed. Don't get it in your eyes. Chamomile tea may also help. A paste made from 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon applied directly to the sensitive area should also help. There are other home remedies, but since I don't know your age or any other health concerns, these are the safest to use.
Reply:I had the same thing, and so do a lot of teens nowadays I imagine. Its annoyingly painfull, but you can't really avoid it without using painkillers.

Stick with soup, porridge, soft cereal (drown it in milk), fruit smoothies, and basically anything like that for the first few days.

Eventually your teeth will adapt to the braces and the pain will start to go away. After that, slowly work up to harder food. After a while, it'll be no different to life without braces (except the really hard foods).
Reply:Try cold foods such as ice cream, applesauce, cottage cheese, popsicles, if you don't bite on them, and crushed ice (but don't chew the ice or your orthodontist will have a fit since you can break your brackets off and snap your wire). Your teeth may be sensitive to cold right now, but if you can tolerate it, it may help a little bit. I remember when I got my lowers on... I was miserable for a week and was afraid I'd never feel normal, and I certainly was sure I'd never get over the pain, but just about the time when you think you can't stand it anymore, you have a decent day and you can actually eat apple slices and corn off the cob without getting it all over the place and whimpering in pain.

Good luck!

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