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Does it hurt when the Orthodontist puts braces on your teeth?

I have very sensitive teeth so I want to know...Also, how do they attach the braces to the teeth? Do they glue them on or something or do anythign to the tooth?

Does it hurt when the Orthodontist puts braces on your teeth?
They use cement to bond a metal brace to you teeth. A wire is placed to go through all of the braces in your teeth. If you have teeth that have spaces between them, you may feel some pain AFTERWARDS. This is because the wire is tight, and forcing the teeth to come together, thus eliminating the spaces between your teeth. You may experience cuts on your gums, which is normal, so I would recommand using wax. Wax should have been given to you during your visit to the orthodontist. You place the wax over the braces to smooth out the surfaces of the rugged brace, and your mouth will feel so much better!

When you first get braces on, it may hurt a bit, but not too much. During meals the week after you get braces, your teeth may feel tender and sensitive. I recommend eating foods such as soup, that are soft and don't require much chewing.

However, when your orthodontist gives you a CHAIN, which is like the bands that are around your braces, linked together. These chains, are used for larger gaps in your mouth. This will cause discomfort, but should go away in about a week. When you get rubber bands for your teeth (that go from an upper brace to a lower brace) you may feel some discomfort the first hour our two, but the pain should go away pretty quickly.

Good luck!
Reply:Actually putting on the braces doesn't hurt. You will be sore when your teeth start moving into the right places after a while, but that's a good thing. It means they're working. And it's more of an annoying pain, not an intense pain.
Reply:it hurts when he puts this thing in ur mouth so ur mouth will b like wide so its easyer to glue the braces on and when u get the wire ur teeth will hurt for like a week to 2 weeks
Reply:They are suppoede to be sore because you have a wire on.
Reply:no it doesn't hurt....but take an advil or tylenol before going cause it may hurts soft foods and cold also....
Reply:They will hurt for about a week after. Th.y put some kind of glue that dries with some neon light thingie. I suggest taking an advil right before or orthodontist puts them on, that way it'll kick in when he's done and you're starting to feel them.

And for every month when you get them tightened, I suggest for lunch and dinner having a smoothie, soup, mashed potatoes, potato salad, spaghetti with no meatballs, macaroni and cheese, rice and gravy, and pudding. Your teeth will be a little sore.

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