Friday, July 31, 2009

Teeth after braces?

I wear my retainer like the dentist says and have had my brace removed like 1 month ago, but can feel pressure on one of my teeth (even wen am nt wearin the retainer) is this normal?

Teeth after braces?
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Reply:ask the dentist
Reply:I got my braces off about 3weeks ago. and i haven't had any pressure on any of my teeth. It may be a cavity or somehting. But i dont think it has anything to do with getting your braces off.
Reply:You need to wear your retainer faithfully - otherwise, your teeth will begin to move back to the way they were before you got your braces on.

It is normal, if you are not wearing it regularly - your teeth are moving.
Reply:is it being pushed by another tooth? mayb its just the retainer moving ur teeth a little, or ur tooth is moving back, ask the ortho, he/she will no!!!!!!
Reply:Well i only felt that with a retainer because my teeth had moved during a week i forgot to wear them. Now they have moved a bit but not THAT badly. Go to see your orthodontist.
Reply:yeah, your teeth are naturally going to shift a little into more "comfortable" positions. as long as you are still wearing the retainer when you're supposed to, they won't shift enough to make a difference visually, they'll just settle into more permanent places
Reply:completely your tooth is not used to only having the support of your other teeth it'll get used to it soon i had it for about 4 days dont worry smoothies are good ;)
Reply:are you only wearing it at night? when you put it in after not having it in all day you teeth are just going back to where they should be. they move alot in the first few days without the braces, so be sure you always wear it!

if you're not wearing it at night yet, and it continues, there could be a problem with the retainer. call you orthodontist if it keeps bothering you. =D
Reply:yes but you should talk to your orthodontist... you may need a permanant retainer. I have one and I don't even notice it at all...its on the back of your teeth


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