Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do color rubberbands for braces help straighten teeth?

Hi yesterday I didn't get my braces tightened but like they put new colors on them but ever since my front bottom teeth hurt. Are new colors on braces suppose to help straighten teeth too?

Do color rubberbands for braces help straighten teeth?
The elastics hold the arch wire in place. It is the arch wire that generates movement of the teeth. Since you say they didn't adjust the arch wire, it is likely that your old elastics had stretched a little, relieving some of the pressure. Fresh elastics are tighter and holding the wire closer to your teeth.
Reply:The color doesn't matter. They hurt because the colored bands are tighter. It will go away in a couple of days.
Reply:alirite, the color matters:

green= first time u get braces so itll straiten

blue= tightening braces

yellow= soon ull get them off....................RETARD!!!!jk

But i mean really, its not like the color is going to have special

color does NOT matter
Reply:I had braces for five years and each month I had to go in to get new bands. They always let me pick which colors I wanted....I always thought that the new bands each month were to help tighten the braces...But I am not for sure...I know the first day or two after getting the new bands I was usually a little sore...Try taking some ibuprofen or should help with the pain...Also just a little helpful advice, try not to break the brackets off as much as you can....I used to break them off all the time and was supposed to only wear them for 1.5 years....It wound up turning into 5 years because I didnt' take care of them.....Hopefully you will be more responsible!! LOL....Good Luck !
Reply:I dont know.

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