Saturday, July 25, 2009

Can you get braces if your teeth doesnt have anything wrong with them?

im 13 and i think my teeth are basically okay,but i want braces. i dont have an underbite or overbite.and my teeth arent "crooked" or anything.can someone still get braces if their teeth arent "bad"?

Can you get braces if your teeth doesnt have anything wrong with them?
If u have $3000.00 to throw away, I'm sure an orthodontist would take your money.
Reply:Oooh you don't want braces, it will hurt, be soar, and more! You can't eat hard candies, why would you? Your going to be throwing away about $3,000 - $9,000 away. Report It

Reply:why would you want to because it's "in" to do. You might do more damage to your teeth if you don't need them in the first place
Reply:if you want to pay all thet money, they wont stop u. my question to you is, why would you want braces if theres nothing wrong with your teeth?
Reply:Tell your Mom and Day to save the money for a new car in a few years. Be thankful that you have good teeth naturally.
Reply:I have braces and trust ne, you DON'T want them. Once you get them on fior the first time you won't be able to chew for about a wekk sometimes two, and when you get them tightened it's a good five days before you can chew. But you won't be able to get them if thier is nothing wrong with your teeth. The dentists looks at your teeth, if they look bad enough for braces they take pictures, molds, scans, all klinds of crap over a period of a few months, then they send in all of it to get you approve; if they see nothing wrong you will be denied. If thier is nothing wrong with your teeth then you won't even get past the check-up.
Reply:If you have the money, you can get anything you want.
Reply:oh sweetie- I know what it's like to want to be like the others.... I know too well. But braces hurt. What you don't see at school is that after adjustments, you can barely eat mashed potatoes because of the pain, your gums get cut from the wires and your parents go broke. Really think about it for a while.

Good luck
Reply:if you dont need them dont get them. they can do damage to your teeth.
Reply:Why in the world would anyone want to get braces???

I have braces and they are really annoying. When you get them on the orthodontist guy puts a glue on your teeth and it taste really, really, REALLLY horrid! Imagine morning breath and the taste of old Cheerios mixed together.

And then you have to get them tightened at it feels like you are having your teeth being pulled out of your mouth.

You can't have certain foods, one, because you can't have stuff that will either damage or get stuck in your braces, two, because the first couple of days you can barely eat anything!

The third day I had braces I was miserable because I thought I could never eat anything again because it hurt to much to chew!

It'd also be awaste of time, waiting and waitiing to see if you need them because you have to go over all of these tests.

If the reason why you want them is because you think they look cool, well that feeling goes away after the fourth day of having them.

Really, don't get braces unless you absolutely need them!!
Reply:sure, but most people wouldnt, because it can get very expensive
Reply:If your parents want to dish out $3000, sure. No insurance will cover you if you don't need orthodontia.
Reply:I don't understand why you would want braces. I'm sure your parents aren't going to pay for something you don't need.
Reply:You know, you should ask your dentist. MOST of the time, people with braces have bite problems that they never knew about. You might one of the lucky ones who think their teeth are just fine who actually have a bad jaw relationship that requires braces to fix. Most people would not call this lucky, but you might.

Reply:why would you want them if your teeth are okay? its unnecessary pain. plus, a wasted $5000.

there might be something wrong with your bite and you just don't know it...i've heard of a lot of people with that issue...including myself. teeth don't line up in the back. if yours do, then why get them?
Reply:no, braces arent a fashion accessory, why would you want them , there hassle in the long end.


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